Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls were originally designed to be fighters but if you have ever owned a pit bull you know how cute and cuddly they can be. It is all how they are raised! There are characteristics however that are part of their makeup such as being incredibly strong chewers and simply strong in general which makes certain things dangerous for them. One example is giving them a dog toy that they can easily break and possibly hurt their mouth or gums. Worse than that if they swallow a sharp broken piece of the toy it could cut them and cause internal bleeding as they attempt to pass the foreign element.

As a pit bull owner what can you do? Every dog is different. Get to know how your dog chews, his strength, and the types of things they like to chew.

Make sure you know what type of chew toy is right for your pit bull based on their size as well as their age. A bigger dog is obviously going to do better with a larger toy. You do not want to put your pit bull at risk by getting them a toy they could choke on.

Pit bulls in particular love to try and eat things such as their toys so it is best to make sure that the toys you give them are either edible or indestructible. Also toys where you can place a treat inside can keep them busy for hours but make sure the toy is not too frustrating or if it is that it is super strong as this most likely will cause them to chew even harder than they already are chewing normally.

Pit bulls also love to pull so any kind of tug of war toy is very fun for them. These type of toys have a tendency to shred or fall apart. There are some great ones that hold up longer than others but this is a good toy for them to have supervision with.

Tennis balls are always a dog favorite but a pit bull will make quick work of  a tennis ball and easily tear it to shreds. Toys that have batteries inside or electrical component of some sort should be avoided like the plague for this breed. Magnets should never be left around any dog as they can cause serious problems even death if ingested. Hard smaller balls such as golf balls or balls made of materials that you could bite into pieces should never be given to your pit bull to play with.

There are many different types of pit bulls such as the American Bulldog. American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Pit bulls are very smart dogs as well as hard workers. Often the aggressive temperament they have become known for only developed through the ways they were trained and extensive studies have been made regarding the breeds temperament. They do have a strong desire to please their humans as most puppies do and if they are trained right. Pit bulls tend to get bored if not given the proper attention and exercise. They need to exercise and have a lot of interaction or this could negatively impact their temperament. 

So get your furry friend some toys but make sure they are indestructible!