Barkbox Review

Why Barkbox?

You may have noticed that we have links to BarkBox all over our site and there is a good reason for that. If you have never heard of BarkBox then you are in for a great treat. We will start by telling you what BarkBox is and then move on to why we so highly recommend it for your pup and especially if your dog is a super chewer. Even if your dog is not they are sure to love the all natural treats and fun toys.


In 2012 Bark officially launched with it's offering of a monthly subscription where a box would arrive in the mail each month featuring clever toys and all natural treats. The reason for their success has been evident. The toy selections are clever, engaging, and safe. The treat selections are all natural and healthy for your pup. Their focus has been on quality and to quote their website "At BARK, we know that dogs aren’t pets; they’re family. Our people, crazy dog people, believe that their dogs deserve the best. The best treats, the best toys, the best seat on the couch. Together, we’re driven to be the people our dogs think we are."

They actually care about the dogs these toys and treats are made for over and above making a quick buck and the value you get for the price is amazing.


Since our primary focus are toys specifically for dogs that are super strong chewers coming across a BarkBox designed for super strong chewers ended up being the perfect match. They also have toys that present a challenge for your super chewer so they will not get bored easily. Often the most puzzling toys for dogs are not made for durability but here you will find a collection that scores high on both brain engagement as well as being tuff to stand the test of even the strongest jaws.


Please note that BarkBox also offers toys that are meant to be destroyed for dogs that get their kicks out of taring something to shreds and those are labeled accordingly. Make sure you sign up for the right box for your dog. The one we are recommending is the super x chewer box although the other boxes have a wonderful selection of toys if your puppy is a less aggressive chewer.


Another reason we recommend BarkBox with confidence is their guarantee. To quote their website, "If your pup doesn't totally love an item in their BarkBox, we'll send them a replacement for FREE! No muss, no fuss, no disappointed pups." Not much risk involved there.


The cost for BarkBox is very reasonable with prices at the time of this writing starting at $20 per month. There are no hidden costs for shipping. It is also fun that they base each box on a theme. We created an unboxing video for you to see for yourself how happy pups are to receive their surprise box each month which you can watch below.

Each BarkBox is jam packed with fun featuring at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month's unique themed collection. This is taken directly from their website as of December 2017 but be sure to check the details as this may change over time.

So go and sign your dog up and you can thank us by letting us know how much fun your dog is having. Send us a message, pic, or video on our contact page. We would love to hear from you.