Indestructible Dog Toys

All dogs, especially puppies love to chew and we don't want them chewing on our furniture so we buy them all sorts of toys to keep them from destroying the things we still want around. If you have a really strong chewer you have probably noticed that the toys are often destroyed as well. Certain breeds are know for their powerful bite. You have come to the right place if you are looking for indestructible dog toys for breeds that are known for chewing such as pit bulls , jack russell terriers, golden retrievers, labs etc.

Many breeds love to chew and some toys work better for certain breeds. Try out the toys that make our top pics and let us know what your experience is.

Chewing is more important for your dog than you may know. It not only helps them clean their teeth but it is actually good for their brain health. If you have a puppy then there is definitely some teething going on. If your not buying your dog chew toys then your little buddy is going to find something on his or her own to chew on. Helping make that decision is good for you and for your dog and will keep them safe. You don't want them chewing on the cord to the lamp or your kids transformers.  


Our top reason for getting your furry friend an indestructible dog toy is because a toy that can be broken is just not safe. The peace of mind that comes from knowing pieces of the toy are not going to break off in your puppies mouth is priceless.  Objects that are broken apart can scrape and cut and cause obstructions in the digestive tract. Even toys made for dogs can pose a threat to your dog if careful testing has not been done  and even toys that are made to be indestructible do get damaged. We always suggest monitoring your dog with a new toy for some time to make sure the toy has no defects. Most of the time you can tell pretty quickly if a toy is going to hold up or not.

Discover More About Destructive Dog Chewing And How Indestructible Dog Toys Can Help

We all know the story. You leave for work or to run some errands and come home to discover that the corner of a sofa has been chewed away or your favorite shoe is torn apart. You may have tried certain things to deter your dog from chewing on all your stuff and may still be wondering how to stop it. Just as human children go through teething, puppies do as well. But if your dog is beyond its puppy years and still has episodes of chewing up things in the home, then you'll be glad to discover more about destructive dog chewing and how indestructible dog toys can help.

Why Do Dogs Sometimes Exhibit Destructive Dog Chewing?

1. Weaned Too Early

Puppies should not be weaned from their mothers before they are at least 7 or 8 weeks old. Any puppies that were weaned earlier than this can exhibit a variety of behaviors. One of those behaviors includes chewing and sucking on fabric. Very often if the dog is engaged in this behavior it is difficult to distract them during that time.

If your dog is doing this consistently, then it is likely that it has become a compulsive behavior. This means they will need professional help in most cases to break this behavior. It is best to have this type of behavior corrected early rather than letting it go on for a long time.

2. Separation Anxiety

It's important to understand that dogs are instinctively pack animals. When part of a family, the dog sees the owner as the leader and when the dog is separated from the pack every day, then it becomes overwhelming for some dogs. Dogs will often resort to destructive chewing in an effort to relieve the stress they're feeling. When they lack indestructible dog toys, then they resort to things like the owner's shoes, furniture, and other household items.

Your dog isn't doing this to be mean. It's just that he or she is feeling tremendous stress and is trying to relieve that stress. The action of chewing gives them something to focus their attention on instead of the stress that they're feeling.

3. Hunger

If a dog is not given enough food or if they've been deliberately placed on a low-calorie diet, then the dog will look for ways to relieve the feelings of hunger. As smart as your dog is, it doesn't understand you put it on a diet for its health. It only understands it is hungry and wonders where the food is. 

Since it is hungry and it doesn't have any real food to eat, then it will seek out things to chew on to keep its mind off its feelings of hunger. It will often look for things that smell or look like food. But if nothing else is there, then it will seek out other items in the house to chew on just to take its mind off of the feelings of hunger. If this is the case you may want to try a treat dispensing dog toy like the ones below.

5 Favorite Breeds Of Dogs That Can Chew Anything


1. Labrador Retriever

This is one of the most favorite dogs in the US but for all its good qualities if this breed feels stress or boredom it can begin to exhibit destructive chewing. Should this happen, then making sure your dog has pleanty of attetion spaced throughout your day as much as possible, as well as a good indestructible dog toy and plenty of interactive dog toys to play with. This will greatly reduce the chance they may damage other items in the home when they are alone. Keeping a few toys from them that they only get to use when you are gone is another way to keep their interest at the times you need them to occupy themselves the most.


2. Shetland Sheepdog

This is a highly intelligent dog with a high metabolism and this leads to a big appetite. If they get hungry or if they're bored they will look for most anything that remotely looks and smells like food. A food dispensing toy that is a challenge is important to keep their attention and curb their appetite. 


3. Golden Retriever 

This is another of America's favorite dogs. This dog enjoys being around its owner and when left alone too often becomes stressed. This stress leads to the dog chewing on almost anything it can in an effort to relieve the stress its feeling.


4. German Shepherd

This breed is highly intelligent and it needs activities to keep it feeling stimulated. It was originally bred to herd animals and because of its intelligence, the breed has often been used as police dogs, guard dogs and companion dogs for the handicapped. All of these activities keep German Shepherds engaged but when left alone with nothing to do, it feels stress and boredom and this can lead to destructive chewing.


5. Pitbull

This is a breed that strikes fear in many. But this dog is highly loyal and can soon get stressed out if separated from its owner too often. This dog's powerful jaws can destroy almost anything in the home if it begins destructive chewing.


Is It Really Possible To Get Indestructible Dog Toys?


It is important to remember that when talking about dog chewing, a dogs mouth is considerably different than a person mouth. A dog's mouth has four different types of teeth. Among these are the sharp pointed teeth that are specifically made for chewing, tearing, ripping, and other such actions. This is why when they resort to destructive dog chewing and chew up your favorite shoes or tear apart your sofa or your favorite recliner chair they are able to do so very effectively.


Domesticated dogs still eat in a way that emulates the way their wild ancestors did. This means that they rip, tear, and swallow much in the same way they would have after killing a wild animal. This means that for chew toys to be truly indestructible dog toys, they must be able to hold up to these types of chewing actions.


Dog Toy Safety


It is important to have a basic understanding of safety when it comes to selecting chew toys for your dog. If your dog is a powerful chewer and you buy something made of soft rubber, your dog could make a fast meal of it and attempt to ingest it which at best, could make it ill, and at worse, could become a hazard that causes your dog to choke. If a toy is made of rope and your dog is a powerful chewer, then it will lead to strands being pulled away from the toy and ingested. This can cause the intestinal tract to become blocked.


When choosing chew toys for your dog it's important that you first understand how powerful your dog chews and to select chew toys that are capable of holding up to your dog's power. It shouldn't be made of material that can't break apart and be swallowed as this can cause problems for the dog.


Choose The Right Dog Toy For Your Dog


Puppies -  Puppies are chewing because they're teething and you will need to choose toys that are an appropriate size and that are made to help support the puppy through its teething phase.


Adult Dogs -  As your dog matures into adult age and into full strength it can be given a range of dog toys for strong chewers that are not as appropriate for puppies or elderly dogs. These are designed to hold up against heavy tearing that the adult dog typically does as part of its chewing.


Senior Dogs -  As your dog gets older it may develop some dental concerns. Their teeth will be more sensitive and fragile and this means that toys need to be appropriate for these concerns. If a toy is too hard or if it has rough edges it could cause discomfort and irritation.

Don't punish your dog for having chewed up something when you were gone. They can't connect the action to the punishment. Get the chew toys they need and get behavioral training if necessary.